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2nd Audiodome Workshop

Inertial Systems of Improvisation

October 3-5 2005

Animax Multimediatheater, Moltkestr. 7-9, 53173 Bonn


Artistic Direction: Alberto de Campo, Julian Rohrhuber

The world of electronically generated sounds is growing. As for the early pioneers of electroacoustics, the potentials of acoustic spaces and the use of enactive and other interfaces in movement and improvisation play a significant role today. The electronic music is therefore not limited to computers but is always creating new amalgams with instrumental music, singing and musique concrète.

The Animax Multimediatheater in
Bonn has accommodated this progression. The realisation of the audiodome concept has broadened the regional and international platform for instrumentalists, composers, and media artists. The here available possibilities to create special sound environments and to influence them through physical performances of instrumentalists, actors, and dancers pose a challenge to artists that create new forms of music through interactivity and improvisation.

The public Audiodome Workshop “Inertial Systems of Improvisation”, directed by Alberto de Campo and Julian Rohrhuber, will give a first general impression of this field to musicians and media-artists within 3 days.

A series of small compositions or sketches will be developed together. Some selected techniques of sound synthesis and spatialization will be taught, but the possibilities of improvisation especially connected with acoustic instruments will also be experimented on. The focus of the workshop is on exploring the extended possibilities of interaction in a modified sound space.

In the end the developed works will be presented in a concert that also includes the audience in the interactive processes which can therefore be a part of the artistic work.


The public final concert of the Audiodome workshop will given on

Wednesday, October 5th, 2005 at 19:30

At the Animax Multimediatheater, Moltkestr. 7-9, 53173 Bonn.

No entrance fee.




1. Real-time Signal Processing

1.1 Alteration of single instrumental sounds (filtering, transposition, ring-modulation)

1.2 Inter-dependence of instruments, coupling of sounds


Block A: Room

2. Ratio: Area-Instrument

2.1 Live-Import of sounds

2.2 Tracking

2.3 Virtual space-sound

3. Ratio: Relative Area-Instrument

Expansion of (A) and (B)

Relational-space between players

Block B Space-Time

(4) Sequencing of sounds over longer periods of time

4.1 Recording live sound, triggered playing

4.2 Chronological polyphony

(simple delay, echo/canon structures, combined with the editing of the delayed layers)

(5) Cause and Effect Structure

5.1 Basic Soundanalysis

5.2 Triggers

5.3 Score-Following


The workshop will be held in cooperation with the Sonderforschungsbereich/Forschungs-kolleg “Media and Cultural Communication“ of the University of Cologne (Prof. Dr. Uwe Seifert), the Academy of Media Arts (Prof. Anthony Moore), the Hochschule für Musik Köln (Prof. Paulo Alvares) and the project Frischzelle (Matthias Muche, Sven Hahne; www.khm.de/frischzelle).


Registration at : audiodome@animax.de or via phone 0228/3683610

NRW Animax



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