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FX Factory The MEET Autorenwerkstatt of BEC and Animax Multimediatheater received a Honorary Mention in Prix Ars Electronica 2002 for FX Factory.

Gerhard Eckel
Camera Musica
Virtual Music Installation

Due the great success of the Camera Music Virtual Installation, we have decided to extend the time of the show until 20th November.

15th September-20 November 2000
Tues.-Fri.9-12a.m. and 15-18p.m.

Animax Multimedia Theatre Moltkestr.7-9,
Bonn-Bad Godesberg
(Kinopolis front of building, at the staircase, to the outer right)

Booking under Tel.:02225/888420
Booking is essential to avoid long waiting times.

A cooperative project of the GMD-research of information technology GmbH (IMK-institute for media communications) and the development workshop for computer media Bonn e.V. (BEC).

In the way the musical performances are treated, the parts are clearly distributed: There are the musicians and there is the audience-a very stiff arrangement between producers and consumers. By this constellation, the audience is excluded from a very decisive experience: The musicians are continually touching upon creative decisions in the frame of the composition's possibilities , for example to try out the one or the other way of the scale , while the audience has no direct access of the richness of formal verbalism, which is created in open musical shapes. This is the aim of "Camera Musica": In this way, it is possible for the uninitiated audience to comprehend the formal openness of a composition by experimenting with the sound material emotionally and joyfully.

The "Camera Musica" which was composed by the composer Gerhard Eckel, makes use of the constant, unconscious, active sense of orienteering of the visitor which is very well revealed in everyday life. In this installation ,the imaginary created rooms show the actions of the musical composition at the same time metaphorically. While moving through the rooms, one experiences the music. A big path to the front, a small one back, a jump to the side-each movement which the visitor makes while discovering the rooms, meets at once a musical replacement in sound. While the music is following the movement, an intuitive interface comes up which encourages the visitor to an exploration of open compositions.

"Camera Musica" was directed with the support of Vincent Royer, John Plate, Bodo Lensch, Martin Göbel, Adelrik Pande, Berthold Kirsch, Jelske Kloppenburg and Harmony Eccles.

ANIMAX MULTIMEDIA THEATRE established and operated by:

The Bonn Development Workshop for Computer Media (registered society)

Chairman: Dr. Bodo Lensch

With support from: Ministry of Employment, Social Issues and City Development, Culture and Sport of the State of North Rhine Westphalia,City of Bonn.

Based in:Bonn-Bad Godesberg

Housed in the building of the Kinopolis Multiplex Cinema.

Opened on: 22nd June, 1999

For the first time North Rhine-Westphalia has, in the ANIMAX Multimedia Theatre, a constantly available resource as a forum for culture and media technology.

In this forum , the Bonn Development Workshop for Computer Media has, as the body responsible for the ANIMAX Multimedia Theatre, three points of emphasis "Arts meets Multimedia":
-in the ANIMAX Multimedia Theatre, the traditional stage arts of music, dance and acting are combined with the latest multimedia technology.
In this international research laboratory for new forms of artistic representation, novel performances , installation and concerts are fashioned by media concepts. A second focal point of the ANIMAX Multimedia Theatre concerns media education projects, in which children and young people consciously learn the creation of new media, and thereby one of the fundamental cultural techniques of the future. At the same time, ANIMAX offers regional research institutions and businesses a forum for the presentation of forward looking projects.

As a result of this innovative character, the ANIMAX Multimedia Theatre has been recognised as one of the registered Worldwide Projects of EXPO 2000.

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